August 8, 2012

Style Showcase: Doranda

Today's Style Showcase is all about Doranda! She blogs over at Watch Out for the Woestmans. Doranda is a stay at home mom to three darling kids that keep her pretty busy. She says, "I like ice cream, symphony bars, and getting my hair highlighted. I also love photography, fashion and my family. In my spare time I like to take pictures and blog (ok, and watch Netflix)."

Her outfits- This was my most recent outfit post and one of my favorites. It just shouts spring!
Collared Shirt- Dear. Cardigan-Target. Necklace and Skirt- I made them. Shoes and purse-From my sister.

Outfit 2- I feel like this is one of my more sophisticated looks. Something I would wear to my imaginary corporate job. 

Shirt-Ross. Skirt- I made it. Shoes-Forever 21.

Her Personal Style- My style is fun, comfy and at the moment bright. I barely ever spend more than $20 on a piece, unless it is shoes, and I make a lot of my own skirts. Sewing is new for me but now that I know how I really like it. It is nice to be able to make the things I can't find in the stores.

Her go-to outfit- Honestly I have to say it is my torn up jean capri's and a t-shirt with my fake toms. Nothing exciting or fashion forward but it is fast, comfy and easy.

Her fashion outlook- So it isn't much of a secret but it doesn't seem to be widespread at the moment. Modesty is important. I really believe that I can feel good about myself and still dress modestly. It can be hard in the fashion world but it doesn't need to be. I set standards for myself and that is not something I am going to compromise for the latest fashion.

Her must-have beauty products- Definitely my teasing brush. And if I can ad another it would be Mary Kay mineral powder foundation. My skin is way below perfect and I have a hard time leaving the house without a little bit of foundation on. 

Her Style Inspiration- I love Clothed Much.

Thanks for sharing your accessible and sophisticated style today, Doranda
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  1. Ah! I love that she makes her own skirts! How cool! Love her style! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I love Doranda, she is so cute and SO creative! I'm so happy she is featured her!


  3. Thanks for the feature! You and your blog are amazing!


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