May 7, 2013

Love Your Bright Lips

Happy 100 degrees! Or is it? Summer is sneaking up on us, and I have the perfect accessory to go with the ponytail, maxi dress, and minimal make-up that is sure to grace your summer routine: The bright lip! A bold lip is the perfect way to keep the rest of your look simple and breezy, while still adding a punch of style and color. Try Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain for all day coverage and extra moisture; and M.A.C. Lipstick for a bolder, more textured look. The best way to figure out which color will be best for your skin tone and complexion is to first find out your seasonal color palette. Take the quiz to reveal your season then come back to this page to find your best bright lip shades in two of my favorite products and a printable shopping guide to take with you!

Spring Beauties: Look for warm tones in clear shades with vivid color palettes.

Summer Beauties: Look for cool tones in soft shades with subdued color palettes. 

Autumn Beauties: Look for warm tones in rich shades with subdued color palettes.

Winter Beauties: Look for cool tones in bold shades with vivid color palettes.

1 comment:

  1. Almost right, but summer is soft and autumn is muted, then candy yum yum is WAAAAYYYY TOO BRIGHT for a summer, same from lady danger and neon orange to autumn.


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