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Dress up age 3

I love the way a little girl plays dress up: Mixing and matching hats and glasses, layers of costume jewelry, tutus, boas, and no shortage of pink lipstick. As she completes the finishing touches, she steps back to admire her work and as she looks in the mirror, she sees only perfection. Somewhere between this moment and adulthood she questions her idea of beauty and where she fits in. It is easy to be overwhelmed with the images and stories that magazines, movies, and TV tell women about their bodies. I choose to be inspired by the positive resources available. Just to name a few, I love the In Style magazine feature entitled, “You Can Do,” the famous Dove campaign for real beauty, and make-up artist Carmidny's philosophy that true beauty means celebrating who you are. Getting dressed each day is an expression of self, and should be fun! The secret to self-confidence is recognizing our positive attributes, learning to love the bodies we have, and finding our own style niches. Following these tips will turn each outfit selection into a happy game of dress up. . . for grown ups. Here you will find style tips and strategies for every occasion life brings, breakdowns of current trends, beautiful women showcasing their styles, and a weekly quote to make you smile. 

I will graduate as a fashion stylist next year, I have a Bachelor degree in Communication, and am a licensed cosmetologist with salon experience. I am an education and etiquette enthusiast and I think a new shirt can fix just about any bad day. Grown up Dress up is my happy place. I hope it will be yours too. 


  1. Thank you so much for giving me outfit ideas. You are a beautiful fashionista! Carla

    1. Any time Carla. It was so much fun!

  2. You have put together a wonderful blog Tiffany! I love all of your ideas!


  3. Wonderful, really love it



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