November 26, 2012

Color Palette: Autumn

Autumn Beauties:
Ivory to mocha skin
Blue, green, hazel, or dark brown eyes
Warm brown, red, auburn, or dark brown hair

Your Best Colors:
(warm, subdued, deep)
Chocolate, lime, pumpkin, rust, coral
jade, gold, purple, grey, tomato, 
orange, teal, aqua, olive, light navy
brown, ivory, forest, aubergine, terra cotta,
gold jewelry

Wardrobe Cluster:

Make-up Shades:
Eyes: Contour- Camel, copper, olive, grey
Highlight- Peach, gold, ivory
Liner- Brown, teal, purple, copper
Lips: Peach, spice, mango
Cheeks: Russet, peach, 

Celebrity to Watch:
Jessica Alba


  1. I adore these autum colors so much! :)

  2. Aw I love this color palette! Perfect for the season. great ideas!

    Check out my blog @

    XO, Stephanie


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