October 29, 2012

Lifestyle: Special Occasion

Outfitting for a special occasion is a time to bring out all the glitz and glamour. A milestone anniversary, a special award, or tickets to the opera, these memorable events happen only once in a lifetime and you will want to feel your best. Special occasions call for velvets, chiffons, satins, laces, and sparkles! The spotlight is on you and you should dress the part. The general guideline for special events is to not spend a small fortune on your ensemble. When you have another occasion arise, chances are you will not want to wear the same thing. There is of course an exception, and that is the little black dress. You can read more about the little black dress and other classic, investment pieces here. The LBD can be worn over and over because pairing it with different accessories will make it look different, and because it is such a timeless piece, nobody will notice you have worn it before. If life doesn't show tickets to the Oscars in your near future, take a peek at the other fashion lifestyles.

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Shop the Look

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