August 1, 2012

Beat the Heat Day 3 + Giveaway

Velcro rollers to Voluminous Body
For this style you will need a set of rollers. Begin with damp hair. Using a rat tail comb, part off  a section of hair and position roller on the top of your head. Drag the roller down the hair shaft and when you get to the end, turn the roller under until you reach the top. Secure with a hair pin. 

When rollers are completely dry, go over your entire head with the blow dryer. Then switch to the cool setting and repeat. The hot air will set the rollers, and the cool will help to hold the curl. Remove the pins one by one and unroll the curlers.

This hairstyle is also a great option for second day hair. Spritz a little dry shampoo on your scalp and repeat the previous steps with dry hair. 

Now for the giveaway. One lucky reader will receive everything you need to achieve these no heat hairstyles. 
Prize includes:
hair pins
dry shampoo
velcro rollers
+ everything you need to make your own Citrus Surf Spray from an upcoming tutorial.

To enter leave a comment telling me how you are beating the heat this summer and the winner will be announced on Friday.


  1. So cute! I have been trying SO hard this year to apply myself and learn how to do "adult hair" as I like to call it. I have been wondering if these rollers were the secret. I would love some!

    Mostly, I've been beating the heat with a boring ponytail. :|

  2. Mostly just stretching my blow dry every day to every other day. Love the extra time out of the hot bathroom. Was lookin for my old Velcro rollers the other day but couldn't find them. Maybe some new ones will come my way.

  3. beating the heat by never using a blow dryer! i shower at night and let my hair air dry :)

  4. Yay for a giveaway and cute, non-sweaty hairstyles! I beat the heat by wearing my hair in a top bun/braid every freakin day.

  5. Love this!! I beat the heat and rock a sock bun every day of my life ;)

  6. A ponytail every day... sometimes I change it up with 2 cute "cowgirl" ponytails (hubby's fav.)

  7. So fun! I was just thinking about using velcro rollers yesterday. To beat the heat I shower at night and put my hair in a braid so it's wavy in the morning!

  8. I have YET to try velcro rollers! Everytime I'm in the store I glance at them and wonder if it really works....which apparently it does! :) I beat the heat by making sure the A/C is on 73 and avoid the hairdryer. LOL!

  9. Loving this post! Those pictures of you are so so cute! I want to try velcro rollers now! Xo


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