June 30, 2012

Smitten With

Metromint water. I love this unexpected flavor and all natural ingredients. Can't wait to try them all. And clearly in my next garden I will be planting mint to make my own.
What to Expect. We seriously laughed our heads off at this movie. Chris Rock was the best part of this movie.

And this one for that matter

Ok, one more movie. This trailer. Ahhh! I want to cry every time I watch it. You can guess where I will be Christmas Day.

My germaphobe husband has forever ruined hotel rooms for me. I was so happy to see this remote in our room on our most recent trip. It is specifically designed to be easy to disinfect. I was especially grateful when I later learned in a news report that the remote control harbors more germs than any other object in your hotel room. Ewww.

 Have you seen these new Freestyle Coke machines? They are so cool and have any concoction you can imagine. I love them! I get excited when the machines are available. With over 100 choices, you may start to worry, "what if I choose the wrong one and blow it?" Fear not, even if you make a mistake and choose a lousy flavor, you can just dump it out and start over. Just so you know, Vanilla Sprite was nasty. My favorite so far has been Peach Sprite and the Dasani flavored water. If you want to know all 127 options, and read a hilarious review of EVERY option, check out this article.


  1. I seriously get the chills every time I watch the Les Mis trailer! Oh my word, I cannot wait! Yay! It's my favorite play of all times! And the movie has Hugh Jackman? It's destined to be the greatest movie ever. We're growing mint this year...I'll have to try mint water. Sounds...suspicious. Maybe I'll like it?

  2. Mint water is so good and so easy to do yourself. You can keep a whole pitcher in the fridge. It's also amazing with pretty much any kind of fruit or herb. I've made at least five different kinds of infused waters lately and they were all amazing. I used a bunch of jars and made small batches of a bunch of different combos. My current drink obsession is tazo passion tea with honey ginger simple syrup. So amazing and no refined sugar or artificial sweeteners.

    1. Thanks so much for the tips, Christina! I will definitely give those a try, I have a feeling you will save me lots of mulah! : )

  3. um yes. I can't even tell you how over the moon I am about les mis this year. it isn't the usual way you hear that song done, but somehow, I think it really fits!


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