June 27, 2012

Party People

My son turned one this weekend which of course called for a small gathering. . . and an impromptu family picture.  : ) Who made the rule that kids can grow up anyway? I'm excited for the new memories in his life, but had to shed a few tears that he's not a baby anymore. 1 year old=practically leaving for college. 
 Top-Gap. Skirt-Anthro. Necklace-Vintage.

We had a cookies n' milk themed party. Thanks so much to the lovely Julianna for the inspiration and advice, and Nicole for her baking skills!

Cookies & Milk Subway Art

And what's a first birthday without a baby eating his cake?


  1. Love those chocolate milk bottles!! What did you use for them? I mean, were they used for something else and you converted them? Great post and outfit too. :))

    1. Thank you! I fell in love with the bottles a while back for a Valentine's party. You can get them here: http://www.specialtybottle.com/sauce12ozroundbottlewcap.aspx if you're interested. Next time I would get longer straws, they were about 1/2" too short.

  2. Okay, he's the cutest little guy on the planet. And your skirt is to die for. What a fun party theme, too! Love it.

  3. So cute Tiff! I love the theme and of course Jackson is adorable :)


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